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As a photographer and theatre artist, Catherine is passionate about storytelling through both the lens and the scripted word. As a kid, she was a little obsessed with sifting through her parents old photos and playing with their vintage cameras. Her love of theatre really took hold in high school and her exploration of both mediums have since merged and evolved over the years. She loves discovering how the fundamentals of each  inform the other. Whether it’s poring over a play, staging a photo, or working with talent and clients, Catherine believes storytelling is at the heart of capturing the human experience.

As a practicing Buddhist, she loves being in nature and enjoys spending time finding the nooks and crannies of the natural world to photograph. When the opportunities arise she also still loves the art of theatre whether it's directing or producing.

Catherine resides in Salem with her wife, their son, cat, puppy and two hard-won carnival goldfish that are somehow still thriving.

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