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Only in Salem...

Even a global pandemic won't keep people away. I have the great fortune to live in Salem, Massachusetts. Famously known for the Salem Witch Trials as well as it's month long celebration of Halloween. I love it for the culture and community. But that's for another day, eh?

As a Salemite for over two decades I have seen, participated in, and produced some wild events. However, I had never been a part of weddings by Borah Brewington Snaggletooth XIII. This was a different level, and I loved it. Having to shoot a ceremony outside, in downtown Salem, during a pandemic was not without it's challenges. And admittedly I was concerned about the number of people around thus I was masked and hand sanitizing between shots while giving wide berth to the groups of onlookers.

It was truly worth every moment. Brian - Borah - is an absolute delight to work with. And these clients love Salem and each other and were so excited to be getting married no matter the circumstances. It was a moment of levity during some strange and often dark times. I am so thrilled to have been able to capture it.

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